Education Paradigm

The Education sector is undergoing a major transformation in recent times. The traditional methods of delivering information to students in secondary and tertiary sector are rapidly taking a backseat, making way for a more post-modernist approach to learning. The growth of the internet and availability of online content has contributed hugely to this change. However, like many other instances the new approach is being met with both positive and negative attitudes.

Ken Robinson, a world renowned educationalist constantly challenges the traditional methods of education. He is one the most sought after TED speakers. View the link below to watch Sir Robinson’s TED talk on “Changing Education Paradigms”:

Sir Ken Robinson: “Changing educational paradigms”

It’s more “customer focused” really, with the student being in charge rather than the teacher. At the end of the day, it is the student in need of learning. So, no more this:


Enslaved rather than educated.



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